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Our motto at eTRUCK LSV is make a difference through simplicity while offering an affordable, reliable, and sustainable low-speed electric truck.

Along with our flexible leasing options and our trade-in program, features that add to the eTRUCK LSV value proposition include:

·Clean energy

·Multifaceted usage

·Superior design

·Low TCO

·Five-year powertrain warranty

·DC Level II charging time

·Roof-top solar panels

·Class-leading warranty

eTRUCK LSV fulfills the need for an “electric” work truck.

US Market

  • New York

  • Massachusetts

  • Connecticut

  • Florida

  • New Jersey

  • N. Carolina

  • S. Carolina

  • Indiana

  • Ohio

  • Kentucky

  • Georgia

  • Alabama

  • Mississippi

  • Washington

  • Arizona



Facilities require service and work vehicles that are durable, dependable and affordable. Very few vehicles currently meet this requirement. The existing choices range from a golf-cart-based electric vehicle and an All- Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to a highway truck that is targeted to the consumer. The present electric truck market is focused on trucks that are used on highways and operate at the same speed as current cars, trucks, and SUVs. Golf cart manufacturers have attempted to provide increased capability; however, this solution does not meet the potential of a work truck.


eTRUCK LSV fills the need for a low-speed, high-capacity electric work truck. Our trucks are tough, reliable, and economical and can carry and tow high-capacity loads. In addition, our trade-in options, federal tax incentives, and state rebates and incentives combine with one of the best-in- market warranties available today. We also offer lease and financing options.

EV Industry

The automobile market is transitioning to electric trucks, particularly for government fleet and campus- type environments. The purchase of electric trucks is a good investment in the United States due to current tax incentives. A work-quality electric truck, with self-fueling capability, will be an easy choice, especially when compared to the cost of standard options, such as golf carts and gas and diesel trucks.

Why Now?

eTRUCK LSV has already received positive feedback from college campus officials; city, state, and federal fleet managers; and managers of gated communities which was gathered during our early market testing. Research has also indicated there are a growing number of facilities that rely on internal transportation for load carrying. Also, the majority of colleges and universities are on the move to “go electric.” Not only does eTRUCK LSV ensure that both noise and air pollution are eliminated from the work environment, but also eTRUCK LSV is the one and only solution in the industry for these facilities to replace their current gasoline and diesel-run vehicles with electric low-speed vehicles that can perform and/or outperform the same work while contributing zero emissions.

Since the electrification of the global automotive industry is a megatrend that is here to stay, transitioning to the eTRUCK LSV is one of the kindest things you can do to help reduce emissions and begin the de-carbonizing process.

Working With

eTRUCK LSV is working with Duke Energy in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana and Kentucky. Also with Georgia Power And Light in Alabama and Missippi and with National Grid in New York And Massachusetts.

Benefits of eTRUCK LSV?

eTRUCK LSV brings a single-source solution to a large, existing niche market that needs a truly viable low-speed work truck. Options such as leasing, trade-ins, federal government tax credits, local and state tax credits, and rebates make eTRUCK LSV affordable.

Let's do something great together!


Benefits of eTRUCK LSV?

100% Electric

eTRUCK LSV provides an electric alternative to gas or diesel-fueled vehicles. eTRUCK LSV's onboard solar panel adds charging value.

Leading Partners 

eTRUCK LSV partners with 3M, Rhino Bed Liners, Adrian Upfiters, Interstate Batteries, Electrify EVSE, Duke Energy, Drive Electric Florida, Georgia Power, Clean Cities Of America, CDK Global.

Right Sized

eTRUCK LSV comes in a regular cab and crew cab that solves both business and personnel work tranportation needs.


eTRUCK LSV is proud that many of the leading ecological, electric vehicle, and clean energy proponents in North America have endorsed us.

You will see eTRUCK LSV at:

  • Federal, state, and local government facilities

  • Military bases

  • College campuses

  • Hospitals

  • Airports

  • Golf courses

  • Cruise ports

  • Public and private schools

  • State parks

  • Municipal works

  • Amusement parks

  • Business campuses

  • Shopping Malls

Let's do something great together! 


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